The Alberta Oil Sands – Massive Water Demand

What is the Truth About The Alberta Oil Sands?

But, do first watch this video it’s a must see!

H2oil – Animations

The Alberta oil sands use a lot of water each day but how much water is unknown
The province says 80 % of the water is recycled

So my question to the premier of Alberta is just how much fresh water is used
by the oil sands per year and all other water use?

Next how are the toxic chemicals kept from leaking into ground waters etc.
in the massive toxic ponds?

What happens to all the toxic chemicals from the ponds after, are they injected into deep wells
and why don’t they inject those chemicals deep under ground from the start?

The Alberta Oil Sands are not the worlds dirtiest Oil – That prize should be given to

US Companies Texaco & Chevron

 Tar Sands & Water (Part 1 of 5)

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Tar Sands & Water (Part 5 of 5)

VBS News- Toxic Alberta Part 1

**** Video No longer available ***

Alberta Tar Sands: Tar Sands Kill! –

First of all there is no need or want from the people of Alberta, for Nuclear Power Plants.

For instance the money could be spent on Bloom Energy Servers that provide cheaper, safe and more reliable, emission free reliable power. OFF THE GRID.  If energy companies and large business’s buy large amounts of Bloom Energy Servers the costs will go down for all of us. The cost of electricity from a Bloom Energy Server would be a lot cheaper here in Alberta, than in California because we have a lot cheaper fuel prices.

Although Bloom Energy Servers are not available in Canada yet, I’m sure they will be before a Nuclear power plant could be approved in Alberta.

Also no need to build power transmission lines or a Nuclear Power Plant, no nuclear waste and again off the grid.

The toxic pond at the oil sands project, leaks all kinds of nasty toxic crap into the water table. I would like to see independent water testing I don’t trust government sponsored tests. = recent independent testing proves the area’s water is toxic.

The vast amount of prime habitat for wildlife used for oil sands production may also be a problem. There must be a better way.

The amount of money that would be spent building new transmission lines to the Peace country so you can link too a Nuclear Power Station, could be better used.

Carbon Dioxide Capture and Sequestration: Hype or Hope?

As for carbon capture, according to scientists there is a lot more life underground by weight than there is above ground. Just how important is this massive amount of under ground life to the our survival, is not known yet.

The total effects of carbon capture may not be known until it’s too late.