In 1929 our world faced the depression era and we survived.  Our Grandparents, suffered through hard times and created a new world for themselves by giving scientists and inventors the opportunity to develop new inventions that would later be used to revolutionize our industries.  Cars were made and sold and several companies formed from an invention called "the motor." 

Men wanted to fly in the sky like birds, so people invented airplanes.  It was man's wish to fly to the moon and rockets were invented into space shuttles.  Not only do we have astronaughts going to the moon, we have a space station, satellites and millionaires going for a ride (thanks to Russia's rocket bus)

I believe it is time for the world to put their heads together and develop new technologies for the future of the industrial world.  It's time for a new industrial revolution and this means, gathering ideas from scientists, inventors, space technology, and people like you and me.   

We have millions of ideas running through our heads on a daily basis, but we never share them. We might write a few down in a journal, while others take the next step and try and make the idea work somehow.

 I believe by taking some of the money from the stimulus package and giving it to people who can develop new technologies, this will help us create new jobs for ourselves in the future.

Today I received my first "idea" site, where a gentleman is asking for volunteer writers for his site.

He has several "green" inventions that are very useful to the environment.  I'm hoping to gather more information while I research the internet for these new technologies.  Twitter Me if you have an idea to add to this list!

I was very Impressed when I read all the articles on environmentally friendly concerns from the idea girl.

She is a Professional writer with a very inspiring style of writing.

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