Check out this short video of a new green invention, the  Sterling Dish 500MW solar power plant

The Stirling Solar Dish 500 MW power plant, is cost effective and twice as efficient as any other solar power system. Each of the Sterling Solar dish's track the movement of the sun and focus the heat onto a single point, where it is converted to electricity. There will be 20,000 Sterling Dish's covering five square miles in this Solar power station.

Solar Energy Cheaper than Coal another New Green Invention that must be seen 

This massive solar power project will cover 700 acres when completed.  There will be 1000 towers, with 4 solar dish's on each tower.  Each tower will produce 75 to 100 KW.  The solar project will power 50,000 homes in California.  Each solar dish is made of cheap plastic and the entire solar project will cost half of what a coal power plant would cost.  Each solar dish will focus the heat onto a steam turbine which turns that energy into power.


Massive solar plant weans NV off of expensive fossil fuels

PV Solar Hits the Big Time with new massive solar power plant

Solar Islands (TM) A new green invention for our future

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