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Thin-Film Panchromatic Solar Cells: Next Generation of Solar Efficiency

Thin-film photovoltaic (PV) laminates A New Green Invention that will save You time and money.

Lumeta: peel & stick solar - 2.25 kw in 34 minutes

Researcher Makes Solar Energy Breakthrough

Solar Air Conditioning another Green Invention

The solar revolution starts in Amareleja

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The (Bubble Action Pump), invented by Mr. Wilfred Sorensen of Kingston, Ontario, is a circulation pump that uses no electricity.

It's primary application is to pump the working fluid on solar hot water heating systems.

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 Solar Tower Energy  a New Green Invention for the Future

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 Next Solar Power Break-Through # 1

The next green invention is  Spray-On Solar-Power Cells.  A true breakthrough, truly a cheap and affordable green invention.

The next green invention Nanosolar

Next Nano Solar 2

Next Next Generation of Cheap Solar Cells

Solar Power - Solar Panels - Solar Powered Carport

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