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  • Solar power
    Several webpage with different types of solar power
  • Solar Powered - Convention Center
    A short video of A large arrangement of Solar Panels put on the top of the Orange County Convention Center, generating power and saving 3 million dollars and a huge reduction in green house gases (2009)
  • Solar Powered Road
    Solar Powered Road May Add A Lot Of Power To The Grid In The Future
  • Solar Air - Conditioning
    Here is a few video's about Solar Air Conditioning, Heating and Power, Plus a lot more these are Great New Green Inventions.
    A few short video about SOLAR WATER DISTILLATION a not so new green invention
  • Solar Power Break-Throughs
    Here is a few video's about Solar Power Break-Throughs Solar Power is a green invention only if it is made with eco friendly materials and the process of production is eco friendly. In China some of the solar companies are spraying farmers fields with toxic chemicals that come from the production of solar pannels. The toxic chemicals being sprayed in the fields is making local farmers sick and other bad effects Etc.
  • Solar Steam Turbine
    Here is a short video of a Solar Steam Turbine with Parabolic Solar Dish Collector a very impresive new green invention. Heat Your pool or Your house and hot water, with the power of the sun.
  • Solar Hot Water- Heater
    A short video of Solar Hot Water Heater Installation another green invention. More video's added daily
  • Solar Hydrogen - Home
    A few short video's on Solar Hydro Home's for Eco Friendly minded people.
  • Solar Car
    A few short video's of Solar Powered Car another new green invention
  • Solar & Wind - Powered Van
    A short video of a solar and wind powered van a eco friendly invention for the future
  • Space Based Solar Power
    A few short video's about a green invention for our future , Space Based Solar Power

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