You Can Find These Videos On and Google video

I use Google Alerts to find video's and websites and breaking green invention news stories.

Like the university student that invented a process of making bio fuel in 6 seconds Google it.

If you select any text from any website Etc. with Internet Explorer 8, You will see a blue box in one of the corners.

Select the blue box and You be able to search the selected text with your favorite search engine or there is a few choice's.

You Can Send ME .FLV Flash Video's up to 19 meg To MY Email With An Article And A Link To Your Website And If I Like It I May Insert On MY Website.  I Don't Have A Bandwidth Problem Yet.

Nothing Copy written Unless It Comes With Permission From The Owner, To Put On My Website.

You Will Need A Gmail Account To Email Any File Up To 20 Meg. Per Email.

Would You Like To Have A White board, Remotely Share Your PC's Desktop Screen With Someone Across The World.  

Share Running Programs, Transfer Files Of Any Size, Private Or Group Chats, Video Calls With Full Audio, And Much More?  

Guess What? It's Free, And It's Built Into Microsoft Windows!

It's Net Meeting! 

By Default, It Won't Be Listed In The Program Menu In Windows XP. But Don't Worry, It Has Been Built Into Windows Since The NT days.

To Launch Microsoft Net Meeting In Windows XP, Click The Start Button On Your Windows Desktop, And Click Run. In The Run Box, Type "conf.exe" (Without The Quotation Marks) And Click "OK" A Window Will Launch That Allows You To Enter Information For First Time Configuration, And Then You Can Use The Program From The Icons Created During Setup. Of Course, Two Or More People Have To Be Running Net Meeting, But You Simply Type Someone's IP Address Into The Top Field And Click Call. That Easy!

To Find Your IP Address, Double Left Click The Network Status Icon On Your Windows XP PC And Then Click The "Support" Tab. The Page Shows Your Current IP And Other Network Info. If You're Behind A Router Your Internal IP Will Be Shown. If You Need To Get The External IP  Address, Of Your Router, For Example, Use Your Web Browser To Go To "" And It Will Show Your External IP. Have Fun Using Net Meeting!

For Vista There Is Windows Meeting Space

Windows Meeting Space Does Not Interact With Net Meeting.

Follow Link Below For Information On Windows Meeting Space click here


Here is A Canadian Rock Band That Will Go All The Way To The Top!

Check out Rattlesnake Romeo Click Here

 I Will add More Links Later

If You Know Of Any Inventions That Should Be On This Web Site, Please Email Me A Link Etc.

This Web Page And Videos Will Be Available on disk Soon.

If You Would Like To Have A Link To Your Environmentally Friendly Web Site Email Me A Link.

If you have a complaint or any Copy Right Issues please email me.



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