Magnetic Power 

Here is a Canadian Invention 
The Magnacoaster Motor Company

 Magnacoaster v1

Check out The Bloom Box

The Dragon's Den Is a show on (CBC) Canadian Broadcasting.

New entrepreneurs present their ideas so the can receive a investment from the leading business experts the Dragons.

A new Dragon Den Update coming very soon!

Vorktek v2

New Unit

The Website For Magna Coaster is down

Radio interview with the inventor Richard willis Click Here

How Free Energy Works

 Another Green Invention is the Surge Tech- Magnetic motor - In the Google search it some how came up with a comment that the courts said the Surge Tech Magnetic Motor could not work.

It should read the courts said the Cycclone magnetic engine could not work - not did not work but could not work.  I

  Innovative Magnetics Research in Huntsville 

Another green invention  is a magnetic motor 
that claims to produce   300 horse power


The Cycclone Magnetic engine was said, could not work by the courts, and claims of miss leading investors for saying the invention was proven technology, but their website is still up and running and it does not look like they have given up yet. 

Make sure you know what your investing in be careful

Contact Info click here

 Next Electromagnetic Over Unity Power Plant
Another Green Invention

Next Perendev magnetic motor

For Perendev contact info Click Here

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