The Keppean Scalar Motor

Interview with Cesar Soos
Co-inventor of Keppean Scalar Motor

Keppe Motor - Part 1

Keppe Motor - Part 2

Keppe Motor - Part 3


 Do-it-yourself Keppe Motor Manuals NOW AVAILABLE!

Be part of the energy revolution! The Keppe Motor uses more than five times less energy than an equivalent conventional electric motor. How can it do that? This motor captures scalar energy from space thus reducing drastically the consumption of electricity needed to supply it.

The STOP Association has decided to spread the news to the world about the principles behind this revolutionary new technology. If people around the world study, develop and apply these principles successfully, well see an explosion in the development of clean, energy efficient motors in a very short time!

This Manual will show you how to build a scalar Keppe Motor that puts into practice the patented technology developed by Norberto Keppe. Once yours is up and running you can be a part of the groundswell that really will change the worlds technological philosophy.

The Keppe Motor Manual offers solutions for the energy crisis.

If you have questions, ideas to toss into the discussion, new suggestions for developing this innovative technology, this is the place to do it.

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