Jetta Takes on Prius: Toyota Prius vs. VW Jetta TDI Diesel

You'll notice there was no mention of low emissions. When will auto makers learn we want power and the lowest emissions possible?

We need a Green Engine that has lots of power and torque, that's fully scalable and offers the lowest emissions, while producing the best fuel economy possible using the latest Advanced  Technology.

The (MYT) Massive Yet Tiny Engine is made with the latest advanced technology and is made with the strongest Metals in the world.

The MYT Engine claims to be  scalable and can be made to power a portable generator or  large enough to power the largest contributer to Green House Gases, the Cargo ships on the ocean.

The MYT Engine is reported to be a very low pollution emission Engine at any size, big or small.

The MYT Engine is a very low maintenance Engine, made for the race track at first.

The Mighty Yet Tiny Engine is a multi-fuel Engine and can burn Hydrogen, Diesel, Any Bio Fuel or even Vegetable Oil.

The MYT Engine requires no need to change infrastructure, Until better Hydrogen on-demand fuel cells are properly researched and funded.

Hydrogen On-demand is the safest fuel delivery system  that I have found so far.

For more information on Cars with Hydrogen On-demand fuel cell systems, some of which require no other fuel sources.

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 For More Information on the (MYT) Massive Yet Tiny Engine

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