Free Energy 400 Billion Dollar Secret

A New Green Invention if The fuel Is used in environmentally friendly ways like with the (MYT) Massive Yet Tiny Engine or the Cyclone Engine.

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World's First profitable community Waste-to-Biofuels Facility

The new Enerkem GreenField Alberta Biofuels Facility permits the City of Edmonton to raise its waste variation rate from 60 to 90% and to produce renewable transportation fuels. More Information

The Discovery Channel - Plasco Green Invention cash for trash, that's right make money from your trash must see

CWT odor problems may be solved with a new invention by North Carolina State University for more information Click Here

How much does it cost to landfill Ottawa's garbage?

It costs about $89.46 per tone to collect and landfill Ottawa's trash. At the end of 2004 more than 210,000 tonnes of garbage went to landfill at a cost of $18,829,339. This does not include the monetary and environmental costs of gas build-up and toxic run off created in landfill's, or the associated loss of green space.

This invention had lots of problems with a very bad smell during the production of fuel from Turkey Parts.

The Inventor's company, Renewable Environmental Solutions, filled bankruptcy and is look for out side financing.

If This plant would of been in the country away from residents, stuck to converting garbage and was properly funded and supported, it would be a viable Green Buissness.

Making fuel from trash is a good Way of protecting the environment.

Just getting rid of the trash in an environmentally friendly way is worth the investment.

Not having to pay to store the garbage and not have chemicals leaking into ground waters etc., would be worth the investment.

Pure Energy Systems, Inc. - Waste to Energy (pyrolysis)

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