Electric SUV

Electric Car SUV - 400+ miles, 5 Star crash test rating, seats 5, 90% less Green House Gases and only $3.00 to fill up.

Introducing The Fully Electric Hyundai Tucson GLS

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Introducing The All Electric SUV with Long Range Distance.

From A Very Green Company  LA Electric Motors

"Battery Powered SUV Recharges in Ten Minutes"

An all-electric SUV from Phoenix Motorcars has a 138 mile range,  and get this a top speed of 95 mph also it recharges in as soon as ten minutes. The  Nano -materials that keep next-gen lithium-ion batteries from overheating also give them a longer life. 

 Raser Tech’s Hybrid Drive Is Going On Road

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There are a lot of New Green Inventions coming with electric vehicles.

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