All Electric Car The Tzero
0-60 3.6 sec
Faster Than The Tesla Roadster

Nissan Leaf Zero Emission Tour - L.A.Stop

Aptera @ the Sema Show 2009

The 2008 Tesla Roadster 100% electric car is

Another impressive green invention

Intro to the 2008 Tesla Roadster (Part 1)

Intro to the 2008 Tesla Roadster (Part 2)

Heading out in a 2008 Tesla Roadster (Part 3)


  • 0 To 60 Mph in 3.9 seconds 
  • 13,000 RPM Redline 
  • 256 Mpg Equivalent 
  • 220 Miles Per Charge 
  • Less Than 2 Cents Per Mile 

 245 mpg Electric Car

245 mpg Electric Car a very Green Invention that with other new Green inventions like the Electric vehicle trailer for long distances.

First Tesla Sedan Test Drive

Dodge Shocker!...Circuit Concept Car

Dodge Shocker!...Circuit Concept Car, A New Green Invention It's About time.

Make Green Vehicles or go under $1.00 bailout.

Only the top companies with the most fuel efficient and lowest polluting vehicles should receive Gov. Cash!

Electric Vehicle Concepts

Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler Electric Vehicle Concepts @ NAIAS - Car and Driver


The Aptera 2e Electric Car | ZapRoot

Electric Car Feeds The Grid!

Electric Car Feeds Grid. A very Green Invention that must be seen.

Volvo Electric Car

Volvo Electric Car Recharge Concept hybrid In-Wheel Motor EV a New Green Invention

Next Just Cool

Dodge Viper 500 hp Vs Tzero Electric Car

Dodge Viper 500 hp Vs Tzero Electric Car  See Who Wins

Medium Speed Electric Vehicles

The Move to Allow Medium Speed Electric Vehicles

First the Auto makers kill the Electric Car now the Government of Canada is doing their best to supress Electric vehicles.

Here is a question for You. What is the crash test rating of a motor Cycle? Do Motor cycles pass the crash tests and if? not why are they allowed on the road?

How will a motor cycle do in a crash with the Zenn car or any other electric vehicle?

Also how about a crash test between a bicycle and a electric vehicle. Who will win? Yet bicyles are allowed on our roads.

Our governments are using crash test ratings to their advantage and are saying to hell with the environment.

It's time to vote for Green Politicians and speak out against the government members of all levels, who are obviously puppets, working for the oil companies.

Maybe it is time for a New Government in Canada!

Tom Hanks Electric Car

Tom Hanks and his E-Box Electric Car Part 1

Tom Hanks and his E-Box Electric Car Part 2

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