Keppean Scalar Engine Interview with Cesar Soos, Co-inventor 2008

The Keppean Scalar Engine/ Motor

Video of an interview with Cesar Soos Co-inventor of the Keppean Scalar Motor

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Be part of the energy revolution! The Keppe Motor uses more than five times less energy than an equivalent conventional electric motor. How can it do that? This motor captures scalar energy from space thus reducing drastically the consumption of electricity needed to supply it.

The STOP Association has decided to spread the news to the world. It will publicise the principles behind this revolutionary new technology. If people around the world study, develop and apply these principles successfully, well see an explosion. An explosion in the development of clean, energy efficient motors in a very short time!

This Manual will show you how to build a scalar Keppe Motor. A motor that puts into practice the patented technology developed by Norberto Keppe. Once yours is up and running, you can be a part of the groundswell that really will change the world’s technological philosophy.

The Keppean Scalar Engine Motor Manual offers solutions for the energy crisis.

If you have questions, ideas to toss into the discussion, new suggestions for developing this innovative technology, this is the place to do it.

Interview with Cesar Soos, Co-inventor of Keppean Scalar Engine Motor

Image shows the inventor and video presenter of the Keppean Scalar Engine motor

Welcome to “Free Energy Now” I am your host Sterling D. Allan. Today is October 20th 2008, and we have some guests from down in Brazil.

Cesar Soos, who is a co-inventor of what is called the champion scalar motor invented by Dr. Norberto Keppe has written the book. The book; “The New Physics Derived from A Disinverted Metaphysics”, proposes a spiritual-based direction for our planet’s technological philosophy.

The Keppe motor, allegedly, requires only a quarter as much electricity to generate power, as a normal motor. It is said that it does that by capturing scalar energy from the vacuum of space. It is named after Norberto Keppe, so we thank you all for joining us.

So, if we could start by talking about how does this thing work? What is it that you have what makes it, and sets it apart from other technologies out there?

Well Allan, this is Cesar speaking. Right, what happens is this. Normally it is called the Keppe motor. It is an electric motor generally speaking, but electric motors in general use DC current or AC current.

We worked with DC posted current Dr. Cathy made a huge work on philosophy and he found that physics is inverted and what is this inversion in physics physics thinks that energy must be extracted from material element. So, that’s why we think we have to have coal or gasoline or material things to extract energy from.

Norberto Keppe redirected this philosophy saying that the space itself, the vacuum itself, has its energy.

So this new technology, is how to capture this energy from space, leaving the material world free from our depletion.

The basic principle that there is another way of feeding coils and the coils. In a motor we use DC posted currents and why that is, is because the natural movement of all matter is pulsating. If you think about the most energetic matter in the universe is a pulsar.

The pulsar is a source of rage waves. It pulsates. If you look at the cell, a human cell, or any other living cell, it pulsates as well.

They both are the source of energy. When you think of it, space is energy! So, matter depends on the energy of space to exist.o So, this technology is just to capture this energy. Right?

We noticed in the oscilloscope that when you make a special arrangement between coils in the rotor and stator of the motor. When you shut off the DC current you have a booth in an inverted way. You don’t you know you have opposed upwards, and another post following immediately downwards. These downwards both is different from the interruption inductive interruption we see normal in coils. So, we used this downward pull downward poof is the extra energy taken from space.

The result is that the rotor is being run much faster. Much more powerful motor, and the battery or the AC current feeding it rectified doesn’t spend so much. The coils get code, they do not heat up.

One of the greatest advantages of these methods is that we can apply this technology feeding technology to any other electric convention. This may for example be about what or any other, with just.

You can redesign the rotor and stator of the motor and get at least 8% economy in energy. We managed to make up 50 water and for example domestic fan run on only watts. This is actual data.

It was measured in many different ways. This gives a ninety-three percent less consumption of energy. But, the thing we can devise for now is to work this Keppean Scalar Engine motor together with solar panels.

Imagine, if 1 take a 1 by 1 square yard solar panel. I could run let’s say 100 watts equipment, and this solar panel, together with a deep discharge battery. The solar panel doesn’t need a full sunlight to work. You know the weather can be cloudy, but it still charges the battery.

If our Keppean Scalar Engine runs on much less energy, our motor could continuously run for days and days and days. In all this time using very little amount of Sun energy.

We are almost touching what some scientists call free energy over-unity equipment from the Keppean Scalar Engine. This is , allegedly,  a reality and we could use tap water for the motor. As found on Youtube