EMP Attenuation System

High-Level EMP Attenuation System to Stop the Effects of a High-level EMP from Damaging Electronic Equipment



Image EMP Attenuation Report
Marc Brown Jr Inventor

What my system doesn’t use that makes it cost effective, more redundant, and completely different:

No shunts, grounding, or EM filters needed.
No limit on frequency ranges or power levels produced by current technology when the correct components are supplied.
No delay in the attenuation response; the response is instantaneous.
No required connection type between “dirty” and “clean” connections.
No add-on components needed that add to the total cost; shunt capacitors, MOVs, resistors, secondary SASD arrays, feed-thru capacitors, or diodes of any kind are needed. (Created during the construction of the system)
No add-on transient protector or lightning arrestor. (Created during the construction of the system)


What my system has that makes it faster, more cost effective than current systems, and completely different:

Breakthrough in circuit-breaker technology
Encourages the predefined power but blocks out transient voltages. (Greater than 200kV per squared meter
Effective EMP and Solar Flare coverage. (Greater than 200kV and 3kA per squared meter)
Can be combined with any power system that has a power input.
Doesn’t interfere with the output power of the system needing protection.
No limit on the place of installation as long as the elementary characteristics of the components are met.
Works in any operating condition that does not go above the elemental ratings of the components.
No components to burn out in regular operating conditions or during predefined over voltage conditions.
Costs, for some applications, do not go above $800.
Only adjustments in the metallic and dielectric components are needed to fit the application, therefore, lowering the cost.
Will also be available to the general population. (Only protecting power stations doesn’t ensure the protection of server farms and consumer homes)
Because a ground is not needed, the risk of conducting a voltage from underground conductors is expelled.
Natural transient surge protectors and lightening arrestors are created during the construction of the system. (This is why add-on components are not needed)

Earlier in 2009 there was a video that talked about the effects of a high-level electromagnetic pulse on the U.S. population. I have a new invention that I would like to inform the population about.

My invention is in the category of a high-level EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse – attenuation system that was built to stop the effects of a high-level EMP from reaching electronic equipment. It is in no way related to a Faraday Cage except the fact that it is meant to stop an EMP.

The electronics stored inside a Faraday Cage cannot be used unless a generator is running inside the cage. My system allow wires to run into the cage so that the components inside will run continuously during an EMP. To date, no wires can run into a Faraday Cage due to their conductivity.

Even wire shielding cannot protect the components because the high voltage induced will spark through the thin shielding. Layering plastic will only make transmission lines heavier.

With my system, enterprise stations can continue running without having to shutdown before an EMP. Without my system, major electronic systems will either be destroyed or shutdown temporarily to avoid possible damage.

If the stock market had to shutdown for a few hours the points would fall quickly. My invention has been tested to 50,000 volts and still climbing.

I believe my invention is something that will attract the interest of major power stations, server farms, and high-power building due to the possibility of an EMP attack at any time over the U.S. Why else would countries allow the U.S. to continue spending despite its debt?

One example of an application is with Bloom Energy. With my product working with Bloom, we will not only deliver cost effective energy, but we will also protect major corporations from dangerous over voltages. eBay and Google are prime examples.

This will show the population and major corporations that their electronic equipment can be fully protected. It will also become a top priority in the development of the United States level of redundancy.

If you pay attention to the end of the 2nd video, most people would agree that we would do exactly what was stated. The government has been talking about this for many years.

They have been looking for a way to completely protect from an EMP. I have the solution and I want to inform the population about it as soon as possible.

Thanks and Regards,

Marc Brown Jr.

This is not a green invention, however, very few Inventions will work if there is a EMP Attack. Watch all of these video’s and you will see why.

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The following video is a replacement for a video which is no longer available.

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