Coal Kills Act Now -Tell Premier Stelmach that Coal Can be Lethal

Will You Tell Premier Stelmach – Coal Kills?

Dear Premier Stelmach,

I am strongly opposed to Maxim Power Corporation’s plan to build a 500-megawatt coal-fired plant near Grande Cache, Alberta. The plant would generate three million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year (the equivalent of adding 590,000 vehicles to the road over its 45-year lifespan).

As the world grapples with climate change, why is your government poised to grant approval to a new coal-fired power plant when Alberta doesn’t need it to meet its energy demands? Even EnCana said it’s a bad idea.

The planned project defies your government’s 2008 Climate Change Strategy, which includes a 2020 goal to stabilise GHG emissions and begin making absolute emission reductions. You cannot reduce Alberta’s greenhouse gas emissions while constructing new coal-fired plants Mr. Premier.

Mr. Premier, coal plants aren’t just bad for human health and the environment – they’re bad economics. I hope you are aware of a new Harvard study which shows the true ecological and health costs of coal are thus far greater than the numbers suggest. Accounting for the many external costs doubles to triples the price of coal per kilo Watt hour (kWh) of electricity generated.

I am also very disappointed that your government has chosen not to hold public hearings. What happened to the Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) approach, adopted and employed by your government to deal with air quality? It attempted to be open, inclusive and transparent.

 It included the public and was made up of stakeholders representing all sectors of society. I’m wondering why your government has shunned the public and abandoned the creation of a consultative approach.

I ask you to stop this planned project. The last thing Alberta, Canada and the world needs is another major source of air pollution.

I know you don’t get out Much but have you heard of the Bloom Energy Servers powering Ebay, Google , it is going to replace the grid with onsite power that is almost emission free.

Bloom Energy Servers were powering over 20 of California’s Top companies for almost a year before going public.

Ebay claims they saved over $100,000.00 in just nine months of operation. 

The Bloom Energy servers use half the fuel as our gas Power plants and can use any type of gas including bio gas.

One Bloom energy server takes up a parking stall and can power 100 homes.

Bloom Energy will be making smaller units for the home that will power the house and make hydrogen at night when power usage is low.

They hope to have one in every home in five to ten years.

Combine that with EEStor’s EESU Load Leveling Capacitor for the grid and the US power supply from the grid will drop by huge numbers. 

The grid will have 45% more power just by hooking EEStors Load levelling units to the grid.

There are other companies with similar inventions that will replace our demand on the grid.

EEStor’s capacitors will give electric vehicles long distance range over 300 miles and recharge in five minutes.

EEStors EESU will make Solar and wind farms reliable 24 hours a day.

There is no need for New Transmission Lines or Nuclear Power Plants just to Sell Power to the United States.

By the time you build the plants and transmission lines they will be of no use, just a waste of taxpayers money.

Don’t leave a legacy of dirty energy Mr. Premier.

Sincerely, Neil Lizotte with Eco Inventions


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