Our Environment

The following webpages are related to the Environment and Global Warming.

Kyoto Protocol

Kyoto Protocol David Suzuki – Kyoto Protocol Listen to the Scientists:Kyoto Protocol & the U.S. Greenhouse gases and the Kyoto Protocol Kyoto Protocol Ratifying Countries Read more »

Healthcare Pros Signal Need to Keep the Environment Healthy

Health-care pros signal importance of keeping the environment healthy By Dr. David Suzuki with Faisal Moola You can’t have healthy people without a healthy environment. We know that pollution and environmental degradation can cause a range of health problems, from mild stomach ailments to birth defects, cancer, and death. This […] Read more »

NASA – Science for a Hungry World

These video’s explain why we have to change our ways and we need new green inventions to save the planet. NASA | Science for a Hungry World: Part 1 NASA | Science for a Hungry World: Part 2 NASA | Science for a Hungry World: Part 3  NASA | Arctic Sea […] Read more »

Dirty Oil in Ecuador

Ecuador: The Tribes vs. Chevron-Texaco  This is The Worlds dirtiest Oil far worse then the Alberta Oil Sands will ever become!!! Message from Ecuador to Chevron CEO John Watson A heartfelt message from the Amazon rainforest communities in Ecuador to new Chevron CEO John Watson: “We don’t want to continue […] Read more »

Future Shortage of Energy Resources

There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance A Future Shortage of Energy Resources is inevitable. Fossil Fuels will not last long, nuclear power is not an option, Coal won’t last  long either.  Our only option is to use every form of renewable energy and produce engines like […] Read more »