Our Environment

The following webpages are related to the Environment and Global Warming.

Kyoto Protocol

Kyoto Protocol David Suzuki – Kyoto Protocol Listen to the Scientists:Kyoto Protocol & the U.S. Greenhouse gases and the Kyoto Protocol Kyoto Protocol Ratifying Countries Read more »

Healthcare Pros Signal Need to Keep the Environment Healthy

Health-care pros signal importance of keeping the environment healthy By Dr. David Suzuki with Faisal Moola You can’t have healthy people without a healthy environment. We know that pollution and environmental degradation can cause a range of health problems, from mild stomach ailments to birth defects, cancer, and death. This […] Read more »

NASA – Science for a Hungry World

These video’s explain why we have to change our ways and we need new green inventions to save the planet. NASA | Science for a Hungry World: Part 1 NASA | Science for a Hungry World: Part 2 NASA | Science for a Hungry World: Part 3  NASA | Arctic Sea […] Read more »

Dirty Oil in Ecuador

Ecuador: The Tribes vs. Chevron-Texaco  This is The Worlds dirtiest Oil far worse then the Alberta Oil Sands will ever become!!! Message from Ecuador to Chevron CEO John Watson A heartfelt message from the Amazon rainforest communities in Ecuador to new Chevron CEO John Watson: “We don’t want to continue […] Read more »