Cars That Convert Water To Hydrogen

Stan Meyers HHO Powered Car

 Stan Meyers and his true green invention a car that converts salt water to hydrogen on demand with only 1/2 amp power from the battery.

Next Water Power with Denny Klien’s fuel cell

H20 Car

H2O Car – Water Powered Car from Japan, runs on river water, salt water, tap water or tea. This car runs on water alone. 1 liter of water will get you a speed of 80 km for one hour.

Free Water Car Energy World Wide From Australia!

Video no longer available.

Another green invention check out this water powered car invented in The Philippines by Daniel Dingel


That’s right this car converts water to hydrogen with very little battery power. Please help the owner Daniel Dingel, he has an investment opportunity

Daniel Dingel’s Amazing Water Car Part One

Daniel Dingel’s Amazing Water Car Part Two

Dingel Reactor Demonstration

HS student makes engine run on water