Future Shortage of Energy Resources

There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance A Future Shortage of Energy Resources is inevitable. Fossil Fuels will not last long, nuclear power is not an option, Coal won’t last  long either.  Our only option is to use every form of renewable energy and produce engines like […] Read more »

Cars That Convert Water To Hydrogen

Stan Meyers HHO Powered Car  Stan Meyers and his true green invention a car that converts salt water to hydrogen on demand with only 1/2 amp power from the battery. Next Water Power with Denny Klien’s fuel cell H20 Car H2O Car – Water Powered Car from Japan, runs on river water, salt […] Read more »

Augsburg College Releases Bio Diesel Miracle

Augsburg College Releases Bio Diesel Miracle – Bio Diesel in 6 Seconds Fuel made from Algae can power the USA using only land that has no purpose the deserts. Every day a new green invention will make the production of bio-fuel from algae the new fuel for our future. MIT […] Read more »

New Impressive Battery Breakthrough


The Lithium Battery Technology Sector Is Very Exciting Right Now Check out my Twiiter Feed For several new Battery break-throughs. Including a solid state battery type unit that creates power for 20 to 100 years and requires no recharging and no radiation 100 % Non Toxic with readily abundant materials and […] Read more »