Wankel Engine

The Wankel Engine The Wankel Engine has been said to be similar to the MYT Engine by some people.  The Wankel engine has very few parts and is a rotary engine.  I don’t see any how the Wankel engine can be compared to the MYT Motor, but I am not […] Read more »

Larsen RADAX – Engine

The Larsen RADAX Hydrogen Powered Engine – Part One What Mr. Larson’s done is to put together all the ways that you can thermodynamically make advantages in an engine. He has adiabatic cylinders and pistons. he says they’re not robbing heat on compressed conditions without heat transfer. So, anything that […] Read more »

EMP Attenuation System

Image EMP Attenuation Report

High-Level EMP Attenuation System to Stop the Effects of a High-level EMP from Damaging Electronic Equipment valevarkasystems.com   Marc Brown Jr Inventor What my system doesn’t use that makes it cost effective, more redundant, and completely different: No shunts, grounding, or EM filters needed. No limit on frequency ranges or power levels […] Read more »

Dr David Suzuki

David Suzuki Commercial An important message from david suzuki David Suzuki Blasts Global Media Dr. David Suzuki on meaning in the land The Nature of Things: Visions of the Future on DVD Source:  Please Check Out Economy and the Environment Environment Index Read more »

Kyoto Protocol

Kyoto Protocol David Suzuki – Kyoto Protocol Listen to the Scientists:Kyoto Protocol & the U.S. Greenhouse gases and the Kyoto Protocol Kyoto Protocol Ratifying Countries Read more »