New Impressive Battery Breakthrough

The Lithium Battery Technology Sector Is Very Exciting Right Now

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Including a solid state battery type unit that creates power for 20 to 100 years and requires no recharging and no radiation 100 % Non Toxic with readily abundant materials and it does not break any physical laws.

It has been verified by several companies. Patent pending and writing of new patents in the works so there is limited info on this eco friendly invention.
Here is a link to a great website about new power sources

Ian Clifford: Electric Cars in the New Auto Sector

The EEstor Solid State Ultra Capacitor is a inexpensive  new green invention for our possible future, that will change the world we live in. With claims of a travel distance several times farther than today electric vehicles have and fast recharge at five minutes or less. This capacitor will change electric vehicles from cars to 18 wheel semi trucks and even a Hybrid H3 Hummer, with up to 100 MPG. The EEstor Capacitor is light weight ( 700 Lbs  lighter ) and takes up less space than batteries used today in electric vehicles.  If the MYT engine was used to recharge the EEstor Capacitor, it would take  away less fuel to cross the country.  I read the capacitor would give 10 times the power of today’s chemical battery’s That would I believe take you coast to coast here in Canada or the USA. Power the MYT Engine with the GEET fuel processor and you would be 100 % emission free.

The city ZENN was planned to be a fully certified, with a top speed of 125 KPH/ 80 MPH and a travel distance of 400 kilometres – 250 miles. 

I hope the new electric vehicle by Zenn Motors is built a lot better than the low speed Zenn Car.

The EEStor Ultra Capacitor was to be ready by the end of 2009.

The US government delivered it’s $2.4 billion initiative for electric drive battery and component manufacturing, of which $1.2 billion was for battery and cell pack manufacturing plants.

Here is a link to the grant winners and guess what EEStor is not even mentioned and Zenn Motors is not on the list.

If Ian Clifford was making false claims about EEstor and those claims influenced people to invest in Zenn Motors Then why has he not been charged?

I don’t think this story is over yet.

Several companies are working on this capacitor technology and it will improve electric vehicles and also wind and solar power as well.

Before you buy an electric car here is a question you should ask the car company. How long will the battery last before I have to replace it and how much will it cost?

Capacitors charge faster, last longer, their lighter, less toxic and take less space. 

Improvements to the Car Battery

New disruptive Green Inventions for our future will have to fight an uphill battle to make it to production.  Not only will oil companies do what they can to suppress green inventions like this but our governments will also fight disruptive technologies like this. Because they will get less tax from the lower amounts of fuel fuels used. 

ZENN Motor Electric Cars Going Green 2007

The Battery 500 Project

MIT – energy storage system
Giant leap for clean energy

Light weight battery made with Algae has more power charge time check it out here

DeWalt Explains NANO Li-Ion Battery Technology to

Alien Technology – The Infinite Battery

Never charge Your battery for 30 years but is it safe?

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I doubt that I will ever trust the safety of this invention or the claims made for it.

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