100% Sustainable Energy, With Zero Harmful Emissions  By The Year 2030

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The Immediate Threat To All Sea Life
Stop The Plastic Waste Accumulating in All the World’s Oceans

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Possible Solutions To Climate Change

Eco Friendly Engines Like The Massive Yet Tiny
The Cyclone Engine

 Eco Friendly Engine Index

The Bloom Energy Server


Eco Friendly Energy Solutions Play List:
Man Solves Tesla’s Secret To Amplifying Power By Nearly 5000%

New Invention can make Bloom Energy Servers
safe from a EMP ATTACK

Battery Break-Through

EEStor’s EESU may be released to the public very soon hopefully before 2013

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New Solid State Battery type unit
continuous power for 20 to 100 years

Suppressed Technology That Could have Changed The World

 The next videos Show what is possible with old technology, but add the EEStor EESU or another similar battery break-through and you get.

Long Range, Highway Capable,  Heavy Duty Electric Trucks

Hybrid & Unique Vehicles Play List

Eco Friendly Vehicles & Inventions
Powered By Hydrogen

Bio-Fuel Our Future

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The MYT Massive Yet Tiny Engine Is Awesome
Neil from Edmonton
The six inch, 26 Lbs MYT Engine is for sale combined with a very efficient Genset with a total weight of 500 Lbs.

A future version will weigh 200 Lbs and small enough for two people to carry and about as loud as a lawnmower.

The MYT 6″ Genset is powered by non toxic bio fuel from Titan Bio Fuels. The MYT 6″ Genset produces 40kW’s of continuous power.

That is enough energy for 30 homes and with no harmful emissions.

A license agreement is pending for the 14″ version of the MYT Engine to power a similar Genset.

Testing on the MYT Engine was done by a very respected professional in the automotive drive train testing field.

Several deals are pending with Angel Labs

Posted at 5:00:pm 09/15/11 

Several battery breakthroughs
Neil Lizotte from Edmonton
Follow my twitter updates for the latest battery breakthroughs sorry no videos yet, just articles.

EEStor better hurry up everyone keeps reporting their close to release but how much information is based on old news stories.

Posted at 11:41:pm 12/16/11 
If Alison Redford Could See…
Neil Lizotte from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
 If Alison Redford Could See The Future:

A future with another 20 years of burning fossil fuels with technology that is very harmful to our environment, will a devastating effect on all sea life in our oceans.

Acid levels in our oceans are very high and have built up over a short period of time.

If the acid levels reached this level over millions of years sea life could adapt, but were talking about 200 years of burning fossil fuels that has made acid levels in our oceans so dangeously high.

Alison Redford Please watch the first video play list on this webpage and see for your self.

That is all I ask

Ex Alberta Oil Rig Worker
Neil Lizotte

Posted at 2:04:pm 01/18/12 
Which fossil fuels are Eco friendly
Neil from Edmonton, Alberta
The MYT Engine will burn diesel and gas with very low emissions.

Add a Geet fuel processor to the MYT engine and burn any fossil fuel emission free.

The MYT Engine can be powered by hydrogen, bio fuel, vegetable oil with no harmful emissions.

If we are going to keep using fossil fuels we should use engines like the MYT Engine and the Cyclone Engine that can burn fossil fuels with the lowest amount of harmful emissions and the least amount of fuel.

Posted at 10:17:pm 12/30/11 

EEStor Hard At Work Through Holidays
Neil Lizotte from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Several cars were parked at EEStor over the holidays so hopefully 2012 will be the year that the Electric Vehicle takes over peoples dreams and replace big oil.

Several battery updates in my twitter feed including the worlds largest battery.

Happy New Year! 

Dangers of Natural Gas Fracking

How The Eco Inventions Website Got Started

When I first saw the videos of Stan Meyers water powered Buggy and later the MYT Engine.

 I decided to help spread the word about these inventions and hopefully help get these important eco friendly inventions to the production line and maybe help save an inventors life.

I hope people and governments around the world realize that we need these inventions now, more then ever before and the time for suppressing Eco Friendly Inventions like Stanley Meyer’s Salt Water Powered Car And The MYT Engine invented by Raphial Morgado with Angel Labs LLC. and The Geet Plasma Fuel Reactor is over.

Act Now

The more people know about these inventions the easier it will be for the inventors to get their inventions to the production line and may promote further research into these types of green inventions, that may someday save our planet from destruction.

Please Help Spread The Word

Time is running out we need inventions like the Bloom Energy Server Below and The MYT Engine and also The EEStor Ultra Capacitor which is about to be verified by the US government.

We now have the capability to convert almost all garbage that is not recyclable into useable fuels like methane. Which could then be converted into emission free electricity with the aide of The Bloom Energy Servers found below on this page.

Very soon we could have hybrid electric vehicles with ultra capacitors that give long range ( 300 to 500 ) range and recharge in five minutes while driving down the road.

With the use of a 6 inch MYT Engine being used as a generator, we could travel across the country on a few gallons of fuel with very low emission and no need to plug in to recharge the batteries or stop for fuel.

New press release a new battery breakthrough in Germany 55 MPH for 375 miles on a 6 minute charge time Stay tuned. 500,000 mile life time for battery.

The MYT engine being used as a generator will use very little fuel and have very low emissions.

I believe if a 6 inch version of the MYT engine can power a small car, then It should be capable of producing large amounts of power as a generator.

Even the big trucks would benefit with ultra capacitor technology and the MYT Engine.

Not all of the inventions have been
proven yet and some are in the research and
development stage

These green inventions will only be important if the inventors can prove they work in the real world. 

Some times inventors or wannabe be inventors come up with inventions that look promising but they are only trying to get investors money for re-search that is never done. 

Make sure you know all the facts and see for your self, before you invest your money.

I post all green inventions that may be important to our environment even the ones that may be scams or just plain unbelievable. 

But sometimes inventions that look unbelievable make it to the production, Like The Bloom Energy Server.
It took about eight years for the Bloom Energy Server to make it to the production line. 

The Bloom Energy servers were making power for twenty of California’s top companies, for almost a year before they went public about their environmentally friendly invention.

Also some Inventors like  Paul Pantone with the GEET Fuel Processor are put threw hell and their inventions suppressed.

Stan Meyers was killed to suppress his invention, which would have been a major benefit for the environment.

The day after Stan Meyer died his garage full of his inventions was cleaned out and not seen for years. 

Research is now being done on the remains of Stan Meyers inventions, but how much is missing remains to be seen.

The more people know about these inventions, the better the chance that they will make it to the production line, please help spread the word.